Updated 1-2-2024
Cash Register discussions.
Occasionally a discussion group like Reddit or Hacker News discovers what I am doing here and they are just enthralled, or appalled. I am usually not quite sure which. Most like my software and are quite gracious in their comments while others just can't believe that this site looks like it does.

However many of them feel compelled to comment if only to vent their spleen. If you would like to read those comments you can click on the links below.

Please note that the discussions occasionally do wander off the reservation but they tend to return eventually.

If you know of a discussion that I have missed you can rat them out by sending an email to me with the link to the discussion and I will post it here.

Send an email to

Reddit - 4-2016 - 20 comments.

Reddit - 6-2019 - 1057 comments.

Hacky News - 9-2019 - 126 comments.

Hacker News - 10-2019 - 157 comments.

Lobster? - 10-2019 - 20 comments.

Reddit - 5-2020 - 38 comments.

Reddit - 2020 - 30 comments.

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