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3td Party Software Fotoannahme

Post by AndreasKohn » Sat May 02, 2009 5:43 pm

Hi Dale, hi community!

We use DHPOS over the last 3 years since V6.37 in our Photo-Store . And we are very pleased with it.
In the store we sell Picture-Frames, Photo-Albums, batteries, Filter etc. We make Passport photographs, Studio-Pictures. Wedding-Pictures are the next things in the summer we where starting to do.
Our main business is to develope rolls and print Digital-Photos what makes about 80% of our turnover.
More than 90% we produce with an big minilab from Fuji. The rest is going into 2 different laboratorys. Up to 3 or 4 photobags a day. Not quite much but after 3 or 4 days you do not know what order is maybe missing until the customer ist asking for.
A little footnote in the secret stuff screen makes me happy. With F4 you can start an external programm an after closing it going back to DHPOS. So, 20 years ago, i programmed my Commodore64 with closed eyes until my fingers get sore. Instead to ask you, please help, why not program it by myself. Funny idea. I don´t slept in the last 2 Weeks ;-).
Now I´m almost ready to present it in the hope there ist anybody out there who can use it too.
The main goal for this program ist to keep track on the order of the photo-laboratory. When brought the customer the order in? Have we received it from the laboratory? And finally, has the Customer fetched the Order?
The way you can keep track is to scan the order every time you take it in your hand. The first time you CAN add the Name of the Customer and the reason (e.g. Poster, APS, CT etc.). The actual date is added automaticly. If the Order is comming back, some days later from the laboratory, you MUST scan it again (It´s the reason why the program exist!). You can everytime take a look for open orders, edit, sort and delete them. You can ring the laboratory for missing orders before the customer is back in store.
There is an limitation of how many orders can be tracked of 1500 in case of memory. So you have to delete old orders. Every of our photo-bags has an 6 digit scancode. But we don´t use them in order so sometimes it is usefull to sort them. By Order-Number (could be alphanumerical also), by customer-name or by date of incomming.
If anyone find it usefull please tell me. A foreign Version is possible if you tell me the translations you need.

In the zip-file there are 3 files. fotoan.exe the Program. nextfile.dat tells DHPOS to start the program if you press F4 and a sample file with near real datas. Put them all in the same directory where POS.EXE is.

I hope you enjoy it.

Dale, is there a chance to make one or more stocknumbers sensitive? Like pressing F4 in the Main Window?



PS.: Excuse me my awfull english, please! School-english in germany ;-)
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Re: 3td Party Software Fotoannahme

Post by kmaclaren » Thu Sep 17, 2009 9:24 pm


I was looking over Fotoannahme and was wondering if you have a version in English ?


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Re: 3td Party Software Fotoannahme

Post by daleadmin » Thu Sep 17, 2009 10:03 pm


What do you mean by "make one or more stocknumbers sensitive?"

Sensitive to what? At what point in the program? To do what?

Details matter.


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Re: 3td Party Software Fotoannahme

Post by Nick » Sun Sep 20, 2009 12:19 pm

Dale, I think what he's asking for is to have stock numbers that can act like pressing F4 to launch a third party app when it is scanned.


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Re: 3td Party Software Fotoannahme

Post by Bobby » Sun Sep 20, 2009 11:49 pm

I just checked this out, nice program. It could be used to track anything sent out from a location, for example, service items. I could see a print function on the list being useful so the register is not tied up if an employee is trying to track orders, plus it might be used as a record of pickup since you would want to delete the record after the item is picked up.

Very nice,
Thank you!

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