Generic printer driver problems

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Generic printer driver problems

Post by daleadmin » Wed Jan 06, 2010 7:48 pm

If you use the "Generic / Text only" printer driver there are some problems.

1. The generic driver thinks that you are printing pages and will print blank lines at the end of the receipt to fill out the "page". This only happens if at some point after turning on the printer it receives a FORM FEED.

2. The generic driver thinks that you are printing pages and will stop after printing 66 lines. If after the 66th lines a FORM FEED is received the driver will then print the next 66 lines.

Jon and I have been working all day on this and so far have no solution, do you?

However these problems can be avoided by either not using any driver and printing directly to the LPT1: port or using the specific printer driver for that printer.


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