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Tornadoes create trailer parks

Posted: Sun Apr 17, 2011 3:30 pm
by daleadmin
On chat recently small mentioned that he had to leave chat because of a local tornado warning. He lives in a trailer. While he was gone one person mentioned that it seems that trailer parks seem to attract tornados, inchworm stated that trailer parks cause tornados. However it occured to me that tornados cause trailer parks.

Bare with me. In physics, time's arrow is double pointed. Time can be viewed as traveling in either direction without violating the laws of physics. Without knowing which way time is flowing we have no idea if two particles have smashed together to form one or if one particle has split to form two. So reversing time's arrow let's look at some snap shots of the tornado / trailer park interaction.

1. An empty field.
2. Dump trucks arrive and people scatter the contents.
3. The field with filled with building supplies.
4. A tornado arrives and assembles the building supplies into trailers.
5. A field full of trailers.
6. People arrive and begin to dismantle the trailers.
7. Building supplies are stacked around the field.
8. Trucks arrive to remove the stacks.
9. An empty field.

See, it works either way. Stephen Hawking would approve.