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Dhpos Selfcheckout

Posted: Mon Oct 10, 2011 3:45 am
by emery
The selfcheckout is along way away from being published, but i wanted to know what features people would want for it ???
Post what feature you want below, this is the current list

Lock / Unlock from Remote.exe
View from remote.exe
Require assistance on wrong sku
require customer number
Master password
Manual coupons
And then self explanitory ones, like Item scanning, taxes ... etc
Ths "Selfcheckout" will park the sale, and print a stub with the number on it wich the customer will take to the counter, the cashire will enter the number under parked sales in dhpos, and dhpos will load the sale

In the future it may accept credit cards like dhpos, but to start, it will be "PARK ONLY"
Because of the confidentiality of some features in dhpos, it will not be able to accept gift cards