POS version 7.1h released 11-10-11.

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POS version 7.1h released 11-10-11.

Post by daleadmin » Mon Nov 14, 2011 12:14 am

New features in version 7.1h

When viewing a time sheet on the screen you can now press [+] to display the daily and weekly hours totals on the bottom line of the screen.

If you go to the "Vendor list" feature of the POSCONFG.EXE program you can make the vendor stock number the default method of entering items into a sale.

You can now specify a default parameter for finding a customer in a sale. For example you can have the program ask for the phone number. To set this up go to the "Customer info" feature of the POSCONFG.EXE program. When you move the lightbar to the information you want to make the default press [F6] and an asterick will appear to the left of the of the light bar.

Bug fix
There was a problem in loading a .CSV file into the stock table. If the "category" and "vendor" were not filled in they would be entered into the stock table as 32 instead of 0

Follow these instructions to upgrade from a previous version http://keyhut.com/upgrade.htm#current

Download from here http://keyhut.com/pos3.htm

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