Control codes to print a header Logo w/ Star TSP600

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Control codes to print a header Logo w/ Star TSP600

Post by brucef2112 » Wed Mar 21, 2012 4:39 pm

Star Micronics TSP600 receipt printers are able to store and print up to 227 graphics directly from the printer's memory.
Using control codes, DHPOS can print one of the stored graphics at the top of your receipt each time it prints a receipt.

The important part that is not documented is 'how to' or 'what to' send to the printer to get it to print your logo or graphic in DHPOS.
The quick answer:
The Secret Control Codes to print a logo stored on a STAR TSP600 PRINTER ARE: 27,28,112,1,48
(This will print the first logo stored on the printer)

First goto and select the printer you have and DL the drivers.
On the same download page you will also find the Monochrome Logo Store Driver. This allows you to store your images to the printer. Download this file also.
How to install the drivers is well documented so I'm not going to repeat it here. Read the docs. I did. They were wonderful!

After installing the print drivers and the logo driver, create your graphic (any graphics draw program you like, including MS Word, MS Excel) and send to the logo print driver to store it in the printer.

How to get DHPOS to print your logo:
Select [Receipt Head & Foot]
Press [F5]
Enter the following secret decimal numbers 27,28,112,1,48 for the first thru fifth decial codes.

Note that the FOURTH decimal is the memory location in the printer which you stored your graphic in. Most normal people would store their header graphic in the first 'page' so they would use '1' in the Fourth position as shown above. If you stored a bunch of graphics and the one you wanted at the top of your receipt was on 'page' 200, then you would enter 200 as the fourth decimal code.

I'm using DHPOS version 7.1k and was NOT able to use the [F4] Send code to print graphic to test. Hitting [F4] from the Configure Graphic Code window would make POSCONFG die and return to the DOS prompt.

However if I [ESC] Save & exit to return to the Receipt Header window, from there I was able to use the [F4] to print a sample receipt to print a sample of my receipt with my stored logo.

all went good.
Sample of my logo stored in the printer (Everything above the return policy). Return policy is saved in my DHPOS as header.

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Re: Control codes to print a header Logo w/ Star TSP600

Post by Bobby » Fri Mar 23, 2012 11:58 am

Thanks Bruce, great tip!

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