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Possible feature: Clerk Interrupt

Posted: Tue Sep 24, 2013 4:01 am
by timc

Feature suggestion - I have absolutely no idea whether this is feasible, easy, difficult, useful, pointless etc. but personally, I'd find it useful.

I'm running DHPOS on two tills at a beer festival. We have seven or eight people on the bar at a time, and it's a long bar. Each has their own associate ID in DHPOS.

Frequently, someone must go to one of the tills, ring up somebody's items, go back to that person down the bar and collect payment. meanwhile, no-one else can use that till unless they park the sale, remember the number, tell it to the other cashier etc.

Our previous system used to assign a default tab number (parked sale ID) to each cashier, and they could hit one button which then performed the following sequence:
Park the sale (using their assigned default tab number which was not available for general use)
Log that cashier off
Allow the next cashier to log on

So the sequence would be something like Park - [autonumber] - F11 - 1.

When the original cashier logged back in, they could hit one button to retrieve their previous sale (instead of going into park and selecting the number).

Is this something that potentially is do-able?