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Re: Simplify Journal report?

Posted: Sun Apr 23, 2017 11:48 pm
by brucef2112
To allow macros to run in Excel use the menu TOOLS > MACROS > SECURITY Then select either Medium or Low.

My program does not do a 'lookup' of an item's prices in the stock table for a given item. My program just flatten exactly what is shown in the source CSV file for any line item.

There are many ways to have reduced prices in the POS.
One of which is to use the SPrice field in the stock table.
If you set a Sale Price' in the stock table then the transaction shows the sale price on the same line as the stock number and item description.
My program will show the sale price because it is as shown in the CSV file.

I'll assume you are not using the above method to have a Sale price.
Lets consider the other methods of reduction. ie, What the 'human' easily sees as a 'sale price' of any one item.
You can do a reduction by: Reduce by Amount OR Reduce by Percent. AND it can be set for a Single Item Above (1 UP MINUS) or All Items Above (ALL UP MINUS).

Each of these reductions occur on a separate line in the sales transaction. The parsing of the 'SALE' data in order to match a particular item would be quite difficult and more so with the All Above choice as you have to parse the line with the discount and and search for the lines and the quantity it applies to.

And lets not forget the Coupon/Unit Reduction Amount. You can take a coupon worth $5 dollars which itself is a separate line item. How would it get applied to an individual line item in the sale? Easy if the transaction had a single item but gets muddled if there are lots of items.

And then there is the [F3] preset discounts that are on the entire sale. This shows down at the bottom of the receipt.
How would it get applied to the individual line items in a sale?
And what is going to be calculated on a mix of these discounts as it applies to each individual line item.
Example, I take 10% off a single item or take $1 dollar off a single item, ring a bunch of others at reg price. The customer brings a $5 coupon. so now I need to do a Coupon/Unit Reduction Amount. but then I also use the [F3] discount to give the customer 15% off the entire sale.

All these options make it difficult to calculate what the 'Sale Price'/Unit Price of an individual item really is.
Coding Reductions is not an easy task. Just ask Dale. He had to work out the details of REDUCTIONS to make it work in the POS. Trying to do this by parsing a sales receipt looks to be even more taxing.

I currently do not have the time to code the parsing of discounts. And I would have no idea how you would want to to apply a Coupon/Unit Reduction Amount to an individual line item.

At this point, my program is what it is. If the 'Sale Price' is used in the stock table then the sale price will show. otherwise it shows the Reg Price (becuase thats the way dale displays it) and any reductions are ignored.

Re: Simplify Journal report?

Posted: Thu Apr 27, 2017 5:08 am
by biglog
thanks - i had the same issue when i tried manual flattening.

My biggest issue is the wife likes to just manually change the price when discounting as she doesn't like what the receipts look like when using reductions. :evil: