Oops, missing program file

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Oops, missing program file

Post by daleadmin » Tue Nov 21, 2017 5:52 pm

Sometime between the summer of 2017 and the following November the download file for this program was missing a compressed program file. The file is CLOSE.EXE. This is a really useful file and it does many wonderful things so you really should have it. To see if you have this problem look into the folder on your computer that holds the POS program and look to see if CLOSE.EXE is there with the other program files. If it is missing you can use this link http://dhpos.com/close.exe to download it into your program folder. If you are using this program over a network you will have to download CLOSE.EXE to the GLOBAL and all LOCAL folders.

This is only for the 7.1J version of the POS program and only if the CLOSE.EXE file is missing in your POS program folder. Do nothing if you have an earlier version of the program or if the CLOSE.EXE program is already in your folder.


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