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User lists.

Post by Dale Harris » Sun Aug 15, 2004 11:37 am

I maintain two lists of users of the POS program. Each list contains only the email address of the user.

1. If you send me any email about the POS program your email address will go into the general list unless you ask not to be included. The general list is used only to notify users of major upgrades to the POS program, major bug fixes, or new features that I think that many users could really use. On average this list is used to send out an email less than once a month.

2. A testing list. If you are interested in testing BETA versions of the POS program, or just want the latest news about it then you must send me an email specifically asking to be included in this list. If you want to be on this list click and ask to be included in the testing list.

You may send me an email at any time asking to be removed from the lists. You must include the address you want removed in your note or I will remove the return address in your email asking to be removed.

These lists are not given or sold to anyone else. Please do not ask me for anyone's email address from the list because I do not store names with the lists so I do not know who goes with which address.

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