Viruses from me

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Viruses from me

Post by Dale Harris » Thu Nov 25, 2004 11:30 pm

People have been receiving emails with attached viruses supposedly from me. They are actually being sent from someone else's infected computer in which the virus selects an address in the "Contacts" list to use as a return address to send copies of the virus to all the other addresses in the list.

How do I know that they are not coming from my computer?

1. I never open anything that I receive unless I know the person and they have told me in some other way that it is coming.

2. I open it on another computer by saving it to a floppy and then copying it to the other computer. I then throw out the floppy. No floppy that was ever in the other computer is then placed in mine. The other computer has no connection to the internet.

3. I run Norton anti-virus and Ad-aware every week and they have never found anything. Both programs are updated on a regular basis.

4. Last month my DSL hub was fried and I was offline for 6 days. The emails with my return address were still being sent and received in that time period

What you should do.

If you receive an email that is actually from me it will mention POS in the subject line and it will have a text that will discuss the the POS program. Delete any other emails that you may receive that have my return address without opening any attachments.

An email from me will NEVER contain an attachment unless you have specifically asked me to send you something. In that case your message to me will be in the text of the message of my email to you.

If my email to you contains a download link the link will ALWAYS begin with

Since these virus containing emails are coming from someone with my address in their "Contacts" file would you please check YOUR computer if you have my address in your "contacts" list. If you cannot do that then please delete my address at from your "contacts" list.

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Post by ibmsystems » Thu Nov 03, 2005 8:09 pm

Follow Up

Ok, I Got One Of These

This Comes From A Generic E-mail Server Traced To IP Yes I Know That is almost impossible but when i trace to this that is what shows up in most e-mail expolorers there will be NO reply adress Anybody else who has gotten one let me know we might have a solution to this

And Yes Does Any Body Think Dale Would Send All Of Us A Virus???


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