EPOS System and Usage

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EPOS System and Usage

Post by ritecart_dev » Sat Apr 12, 2008 5:28 pm

Point of sale or point of service (POS or PoS) can mean a retail shop, a checkout counter in a shop, or the location where a transaction occurs. More specifically, the point of sale often refers to the hardware and software used for checkouts -- the equivalent of an electronic cash register.

RiteCart (http://www.ritecart.co.uk) is a comprehensive future generation XML and java based ecommerce (Online Shopping Solution) & epos system. This system is being used by more then 30 customers in UK alone and is marketed by Palindrome Software Labs Ltd (http://www.palindromesoftware.com).

RiteCart is built on a very strong framework and can be deployed in a single or a multi layered architecture environment.

RiteCart system is entirely built on Java and XML technologies making it one of the kind in the industry. RiteCart also has an inbuilt webservices to do a more realtime integrations with your vendors, suppliers and your end customers. This is all tightly secured by a strong authentication and authorization mechanism.

RiteCart provides ability to remotely login to system and possibly do all kinds of tasks on the system including but not limited too- creating barcodes remotely (can generate and tag barcodes in remote locations making it much more cheaper for the retail industry), allowing parties (vendor,supplier, employee,executive staff and end customer) to login to system and perform various tasks on the system and ofcourse ability to do all the basic things which the current POS systems do in a multi-tiered architecture setup.

Why is RiteCart Rite for you?

What RiteCart does is-It is a system of future- a future, which is not far from today. A future, where real time integration with vendor and suppliers will be required, ability to do tasks remotely to reduce cost overheads will be required, ability for a supplier or a vendor to login to the system and work on thier purchase order will be required and a future where lot of things we dont anticipate today will be required.

Underneath all of the above reasoning, lies the basic fact, Is how flexible and extensible is my product to change with the change in the business environment?

RiteCart addresses this in a very Rite way. RiteCart is built on the framework, which is mainly Java, XML and other opensource technologies. This provides a basic structure which will allow you to change/respond to changes very fast.

Finally but ofcourse not the least, RiteCart is a very low cost software service. We sell it as a service. We charge only the servicing cost, which is basically setting up the software for you.

We believe, Our job is to use our expertise in IT industry to identify things (technologies and products built on technologies) and to provide service to the products we believe in.

Visit us at http://www.ritecart.co.uk / http://www.palindromesoftware.com

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Re: EPOS System and Usage

Post by Tampa POS » Mon Mar 15, 2010 12:00 am

Hello ritecart,

Its really great information..

Thanks for the post..!!

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