a few ideas.......

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a few ideas.......

Post by lemon535 » Sat Jul 29, 2006 7:31 pm

When ringing up a sale and you have multiple quantities of items it will create a new line if you scan the item again after you scanned a different one. ok lol its hard to explain heres a little diagram.....

1st line 1x ITEM A @ 4.49
2nd line 5x ITEM B @ 5.77
3rd line 2x ITEM A @ 4.49

if you get what i mean do u think it would be possible to make an option to add the [third line] in with the [first line] so it would be more like this

1st line 3x ITEM A @ 4.49
2nd kine 5x ITEM B @ 5.77

I hope you get what i mean, it would be better for certain bussinesses who need to use alot of lines


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Combining lines

Post by Dale Harris » Sat Jul 29, 2006 8:05 pm


As long as you are discussing the POS program you ahould make your posts in the main forum. I am not sure that everyone makes it to this forum.

The problem with your suggestion is that if the item you are ringing up and the previous ringup of the same item are widely separated (the next line is #35 but the same item was also rung up on line #4) then when you ring up the item on line #35 it will then be added to line #4 and it will have seemed to disappear. You just rang it up but it is not on the screen. What happened to it? Did you really ring it up? Did the program make an error and lost it? Where did it go? You would probably note remember that you rang up that item from 31 lines before.

A possible solution would be to add the two lines on line #35 and delete line #4, but that has other problems. You ring up one item but the total on the last line on the screen is now 4, what happened? Did you punch in 4 by mistake? What is going on here, this program is no good, it keeps making errors, oh well I guess that I have to delete the last line and ring up 1 of them again. (This is a good way to give away 3 items you should have sold.)

So I think that your proposed feature is not going to be added to the program.


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