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my noob experience setting up dhpos w linux and GDI printer

Posted: Thu Nov 01, 2007 8:59 pm
by zzzxtreme
hello just want to share with you my good experience

1) install Dreamlinux 2.2

2) update Dreamlinux stuff (sudo apt-get update)

3) enable "CUPS Server" in Control Panel > Services

4) plug in my xerox docuprint 203A thru usb, the cheapest laser printer ever

5) dreamlinux detected it. change the driver to Brother HL 2060

6) * * * Must go Settings > Printing System. and select "CUPS"

7) go to localhost:613 (or 631) in firefox, and add "allowed users to print"

7) using apt-get, i installed enscript and DOSBOX

8) run DOSBOX in terminal. run pos programs in dosbox window

9) run this script (Textfile in dhpos folder) in another terminal. (bash scriptfilename)

while :
if [ -f WLSDFKJN.DRY ]
echo "priting..." #;enscript -h WLSDFKJN.DRY

sleep 1


Voila ! so now I can user laser printer to print receipts and barcodes too