Updated 3-26-17
International Features

Even though this program was originally written for use in the USA it currently has many features that make it suitable for use in other countries.

Change receipts into another language.
While this program itself will be persistently in English it is possible to change the labels on the receipts (ASSOCIATE, DESCRIPTION, PRICE, TOTAL, AMOUNT TENDERED, etc.) to anything or any language you want assuming that it will fit in the allowable space, use either the Latin or Greek character set, and your printer will properly print those characters.

Change the program into another language.
A new feature allows you to change the part of the program (the POS.EXE file) into another language as long as it uses the Latin alphabet. The details are on the language page.

No dollar signs.
Monetary amounts are not preceded by dollar signs, pound signs, euro signs or anything else. As long as your monetary system is decimal based, you can use this program.

Stock numbers.
You may use 12 digit UPC and 13 digit EAN-13 bar codes as your stock numbers. Or actually any number up to 14 digits.

Today's date may be displayed in any of four formats. 06-25-2001, 25-06-2001, JUN 25, 2001, 25 JUN 2001 are all the same date. You choose which one to display and print on receipts.

Included / Added sales tax.
In the USA sales tax is added to the end of the sale, it is not included in the price of each item. In every other country on Earth sales tax is included in the price marked on each item. This software allows you to choose which method is used in your country.

Dual tax rates.
This software will keep track of, and report, two different sales tax rates. For example a federal and provincial sales tax.

The monetary values may be rounded to the nearest .01, .05, or .10. In addition, for those countries with small value currency, you may also round to 1, 10, 100, 1000, or 10000. These rounding values will eliminate the decimal point and add additional zeros to the end of the 6 digit values. For example if you Round to 100 a normal value of 1234.56 will be displayed as 123456000. More details.

Multiple currencies.
You may set this program to accept up to 9 different currencies. Calculate your sales in EUROS, take a cash payment in DOLLARS, a check in POUNDS, credit payment in YEN and give change in PESOS, all in the same sale. The register will convert each currency according to that day's exchange rate. You decide which currencies to use.

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