Updated 1-21-17
In addition to a list of new features and bug fixes this page will also give you an idea of how detailed this program is and how it evolves over time. A lot of thought, work, and user input has gone into this software. This program can do way more than just ring up 2 keys and a key ring which is then paid in cash. However if 3 items for cash is all you want then DHPOS will do that too, quickly and with a minimum of fuss. All the other features do not have to be used.

To bug fixes


In version 7.1j

With the new feature of being able to enter customers into the database by using the "Customer info" feature you were not able to actually start a new database, only add to it. In this version you can now start the customer database.

In version 7.1h

When viewing a time sheet on the screen you can now press [+] to display the daily and weekly hours totals on the bottom line of the screen.

If you go to the "Vendor list" feature of the POSCONFG.EXE program you can make the vendor stock number the default method of entering items into a sale.

You can now specify a default parameter for finding a customer in a sale. For example you can have the program ask for the phone number. To set this up go to the "Customer info" feature of the POSCONFG.EXE program. When you move the lightbar to the information you want to make the default press [F6] and an asterick will appear to the left of the of the light bar.

In version 7.1e

Using the "Customer info" feature of the POSCONFG.EXE program you can press [F4] to enter the database then using option #1 you can add customers to the database without having to ring them up in a sale.

On merchandise reports "E" through "J" you will have a new option. "Include 0 sold items" will put items that were not sold in the report so that you have a list of what was sold and what was not sold.

In version 7.1

You can now have up to 200 lines in a sale.

Descriptions are now "sticky" meaning that if you change a description for an item in a sale, and then recall the sale in the "5. Void" feature , the changed description will still be there.

You can put notes of up to 210 characters in a sale to print on the receipt.

Two kitchens. You can now put one terminal in the kitchen and another in the bar and each will get the parts of the sale it needs.

APRINT6 has an all new interface, you can choose the font / bold / italics. It also replaces the CDK.EXE program if you have a serial cash drawer.

Print up to 99 lines per page on a PAGE printer. This assumes that your printer can print 99 lines on a page.

In version 7.05

You can now have up to 26,000 lines in the stock table.

Plus many little bug fixes, minor new features, and some instructions in the program were improved.

In version 7.04p

You may no longer enter a pay amount larger than the "amount due" except for cash.

For credit or debit you cannot enter an amount less than the cash back.

The PURCHASE.EXE program will allow you to display only unpaid invoices.

If you use preset discounts and a discount password, after you press [F3] you can choose the discount percentage from a menu instead of having to enter the password multiple times.

In version 7.04n

You can now require the "void" password before you can void a sale that has not been completed. Go to the "Password & Name" feature of the POSCONFG.EXE program to turn this on

In version 7.04m

You can now go to "Printer setup" and choose to print a simplier 40 character wide receipt.

Also in "Printer setup" printing a sample receipt has been improved.

In version 7.04j

You can now use the sale prices as alternate prices. This allows you to choose which price to use when the item is sold.

In the inventory reports you can now select to include intems with an inventory of zero.

In version 7.04h

The new REC2CSV.EXE program will write data from past transactions to a .CSV comma delimited file that can be loaded into any spreadsheet program.

In the REMOTE.EXE program you can now switch a window to monitor a different register without having to restart the computer or typing in a new path.

In version 7.04e

In the "Reports" feature there is now an "R. Inventory value" report that will tell you the value of your inventory by either your cost or the retail prices.

On a network if you make a "B. Employee sales" report from a local register you will be offered the option of getting the report from just that register or from the server for all registers. Before you could not get any employee sales report from a local register.

In version 7.04c

The new program file TEXTREAD.EXE will read reports text files and then allow you to display, print, copy, or delete them.

The new program file CLOSECNT.EXE will add up the cash drawer when you close the register.

The new program file PROGRAMS.EXE will allow you to start up to 9 different programs from the main menu of the POS.EXE program by pressing [F4]

In version 7.04

If you attach 2 printers to your computer the program can now automatically print receipts to one printer and reports to the other.

A total count of all pieces sold in the sale is displayed at the bottom of the "Pieces" column on the sales screen and at the bottom of the receipt.

Running the program under DOSBox will allow you to display the program full screen on all PC computers and also run the program on 64 bit systems.

In version 7.03

The PURCHASE.EXE program has been hugely expanded and will now print purchase orders that you can just stick in an envelope or fax. It will also manage the purchase orders.

The time clock can now be setup so that the week ends on either Saturday or Sunday.

At the end of a sale when you choose a payment method, the amount due will be filled in for you for ANY payment method, not just CASH.

In version 7.02

There is now a time clock where employees can punch in and out.

If you have setup your register to create automatic reports the program will now email or FTP those reports over the internet. (Requires Windows '95 or later.)

Auto backup. When the register closes it will automatically backup the folders. Requires high capacity drive of 200 meg or larger.

You can delete the APRINT.INI file when you exit the feature wrere you set the printer port to FILE: Then the next time you start the APRINT4.EXE program you will be able to choose a new printer and font size.

In version 7.0c

You can now have 3 decimal pricing on selected items, i.e. 3.579 for gasoline.

The program will transmit a sales file to your mall when you close the register for the day.

The manual has a detailed new section on setting up the program for use in a restaurant.

In version 7.0a

There is now a "reports" feature for ticket sales. Access through the "Ticket sales" feature of the POSCONFG.EXE program.

When setting up an event for ticket sales if you change the event header you will be asked if you want to save it as a new event or as the old event. The second option is handy if you made a mistake when typing the header.

When selecting an event if you press [F1] you will still list all events but now you will be at the date you entered instead of the beginning of the list.

In version 7.0

Well folks the POS program has a major new feature that almost no one will use, but I had fun writing it. The program will now sell tickets to just about anything. This new feature is so big that I have bumped up the version number to 7.0. It is also way too big to describe in this email so if you are interested click on this link to the online user's guide. TICKETS

When the register is locked or closed the pole display will now display a message asking customers to find another register.

For those folks trying to run this program on a PDA, or other computer that does not have function keys, you can now simulate [F1] to [F10] by holding down [ALT] and then pressing [1] to [0]. For example [ALT] + [4] will simulate [F4]. [ALT] + [-] = [F11] and [ALT] + [=] = [F12]. But you cannot use the number keys on the numeric keypad for this.

From the main Cash Register menu you can now press [F8] to look up a stock number or [F9] to look up a gift card balance.

In version 6.40k

In "Reports" the option for "Gift cards" has been moved to the top section so you can make gift card reports if you are not using a stock table.

In version 6.40i

There is a new version of the APRINT program which is now APRINT4.EXE. If you have a USB printer, or use APRINT for your printing, you must use the new APRINT4.EXE version when using POS versions 6.40i or later.

From the "Scanner" feature of the POSCONFG.EXE program you can turn off having the computer beep when an item is scanned.

In version 6.40g

IMPORTANT! You can now select to have the "Timer" feature ON or OFF, the default is OFF. This means that if you are using the timers that you must go to the "Time sales" feature of the POSCONFG.EXE program to turn the timers ON. If the timer feature is OFF pressing [CTRL] + [TAB] during a sale will do nothing.

In version 6.40f

A unit tax is a sales tax that is charged per item. For example if you sell a bottle of wine there could be a 1.50 per bottle tax. When you are in the Tax column of the stock table you can press [F7] to enter a unit tax for that item. Then when you sell the item the unit tax will be charged for each one of that item you sell. Any item may have both a percentage tax and a unit tax.

When you are entering the description you can make an item “restricted” by pressing [F9]. At the right of the description an “=” sign will identify restricted items.

Then in a sale the first time you ring up a "restricted" item a window will pop up saying, "RESTRICTED MERCHANDISE CHECK ID, F1. ID PASS, F4. ID FAIL." If you press [F1] then you will be able to sell the item and the program will not ask you again if you sell another restricted item for this sale. If you press [F4] then you will not be able sell this item and you will be asked again if another restricted item is rung up.

In version 6.40b

The new Kitchen feature allows food orders from the registers to be displayed / printed in the kitchen.

In version 6.40

GIFT CARDS! You can now sell gift cards and your customers can now use gift cards as a form of payment. Gift cards can also be used for "pre-paid" accounts and store credit.

There is also one additional form of payment, "User defined" meaning that you can name it anything you want a and use it for anything you want.

In version 6.39p

The "Reports" feature has a new report. "Profit" will compare the sales against the cost of the merchandise sold to produce those sales to tell you the profit you made.

In version 6.39n

The "Reports" feature has a new report, "Hourly report" will tell you your sales, transactions, and sales per transaction per hour for any day you choose. Or instead of an hour interval you may choose 30, 20, 15, 10, or 5 minute intervals.

In version 6.39m

You can now optionally print invoices when the receiving file is loaded into the stock table.

In a sale when you are asked for the "Quantity", you can now press [F12] to enter the line money total and the program will figure out how many pieces are needed to come up with that line total.


In version 71j there was a problem with the stock table not exporting all the data you selected to a file. Also while exporting if you chose too many fields to print, the program would die. These problems were fixed on 7-11-17 and if you downloaded the POS program after that you are fine. To repair an older version download this
stocks.exe. Place the file in the same folder as your other POS program files (and in every folder running the POS program if you are networking.)

In either case to insure that you are running the fixed version go to the "Stock table" feature of the POSCONFG.EXE program and display the stock table. If the label at the top, left of the screen is "STOCK NUMBER," with the comma that is the fixed vesion.

There was a problem in loading a .CSV file into the stock table. If the "category" and "vendor" were not filled in they would be entered into the stock table as 32 instead of 0. Reported by Bruce. Fixed in version 7.1h

There was a problem in loading a .CSV file into the stock table. If the "category" and "vendor" were not filled in they would be entered into the stock table as 32 instead of 0. Reported by Bruce. Fixed in version 7.1h

Critical bug fix. In all 7.1 versions prior to this one, changing the "Lock register" password will randomly flip the program between 60 or 200 maximum lines per sale. Reported by Matt. Fixed in version 7.1g

Bug fix. In version 7.1e you could not access the category or vendor lists. Reported by Dukane. Fixed in version 7.1f.

There was a problem in the time clock when switching between the week ending on Saturday or Sunday. Reported by CB. Fixed in version 7.1e.

When paying for tickets with a gift card the money amount was not subtracted from the gift card. Reported by Emery. Fixed in version 7.1e.

When selling "general" tickets if you went back from the payment method to "Return to picking tickets" then want to complete the sale, all the tickes would not be printed. Reported by Emery. Fixed in version 7.1e.

When you were selling tickets with "General Seating" and you canceled or voided the uncompleted sale, the screen displayed a window saying, "No tickets have been sold." However the selected tickets we not returned to the pool. Reported by Emery. Fixed in version 7.1d

When in the "Print setup" feature if you tried to print a sample receipt the printer port setting came from the GLOBAL register instead of the LOCAL register (if the registers are networked together.) Reported by Emery. Fixed in version 7.1b.

When selling tickets the program would die when you would pay for the tickets (if the registers are networked together.) Reported by Emery. Fixed in version 7.1b.

If you tried to increase the number of recorded past transactions the file would be cleared. Fixed in version 7.1a.

Sometimes on a network the POS.EXE program would display a "Path / Access" error and the program would die. This could possiblly also happen on a stand-alone register. Reported by small. Fixed in version 7.1a.

Bug fix. Was not giving you the correct "remaining gift card value" on receipts. Reported by small. Fixed in version 7.05a.

Bug fix. Would not properly load .CSV stock table into clipboard if rounding was set to 1 or more. Reported by CB. Fixed in version 7.05a.

Bug fix. Program would die when trying to load .CSV stock table into clipboard if CSV file had more than 15,000 lines. Reported by CB. Fixed in version 7.05a.

Bug fix. Figures on wrong line on report "A" when saved as a data file. Reported by Colin. Fixed in version 7.05a.

Bug fix. Warn if inventory is zero on specific lines in the stock table settings would only go up to 13,000. Reported by cwathen. Fixed in version 7.05a.

In the PURCHASE.EXE program the headers would get deleted when used over a network. Reported by Chris. Fixed on 1-1-11 in version 7.04h.

If you tried to do a gift card payout, and gift card numbers were set to be generated at random, you would not be allowed to enter the number of the gift card to make the payout. Reported by Mitch. Fixed in version 7.04g.

In the last several versions previous to 7.04g the "Pause between printing receipts" did not function. Reported by Aiko. Fixed in version 7.04g.

Bug fix. When you reprinted a receipt from the "5. Voids" feature it would not print the customer info on the receipt. Reported by dianequilts. Fixed in verion 7.04f.

When starting the THEATER.EXE program you are required to setup ticket printing. However if a different part of the program did not create a sub-folder the program would die. Reported by Brando and Victor. Fixed in version 7.04d.

When using the "5. Voids" feature to view a past gift card sale the tax displayed is always 5389762.88 and this is added to the sale total. This was only a display error and was not in the actual saved values. Reported by small. Fixed in version 7.04b.

In all previous versions that have the time clock feature if you transmit a timecard file the file data would have the current week's dates instead of the actual dates. Reported by Lee. Fixed in version 7.04a

In version 7.04 if you used the POSCONFG.EXE program to start the RECEIVE.EXE program it would die. Reported by CJ. Fixed in version 7.04a

In some instances if you asked for a phone number number when payment is by check the program would die. Fixed in version 7.04

When you are in the stock table and entering a regular price or a sale price you could press [F1] to toggle between 2 or 3 digit pricing. However [F1] is also the key to search the stock table which no longer did that. Now you must press [F7] to toggle between 2 or 3 digit pricing. Fixed in version 7.04

When you pulled up a time card from a previous week the dates were wrong. Reported by Cwathen. Fixed in version 7.03

There were problems on sales that charged a unit tax will reprinting receipts or voiding out the sale. Reported by Jovan. fixed in version 7.02.

Versions 7.0 to 7.0c would not pop open a serial cash drawer. Reported by DOL. Fixed in version 7.02.

There was a problem when using "groups" when you have a sale partially rung and then press [F10] to sell a gift card or [CTRL] + [TAB] for timers, that when you returned to the sale the program would not restore the partial sale. This has been fixed in version 7.0.

In the KITCHEN program a [?] would often print on the screen for no reason and you would have to press [ENTER] to continue the program, real annoying. Also there was a problem with activating the cutter bar on the printer. If you did not use an employee list the kitchen program would only print the top line of an order on a printer. These problems have been fixed in version 7.0.

There were 3 bugs in the reports feature.
* A problem using automatic reports to make report "B. Employee's sales" It would not do it.
* A problem sometimes manually doing "B. Employee's sales" if you did another report first. It would not make a report.
* A problem in "B. Employee's sales" (are you spotting a trend here?) where the unit tax or tax from the right column from the shop sales would be listed for each employee.
These problems have been fixed in version 7.0.

In all versions that handle gift cards up to 6.40L. There were a few problems when using the multiple currencies feature. Reported by Rollerball. Fixed in version 6.40m

In versions 6.40g to 6.40k there is a bug in the history feature that causes the history file to grow until the program dies when it tries to load the history. Reported by Jovan. Fixed in version 6.40L

The "Tips" section of the closing report was not formatted correctly. Fixed in version 6.40k.

If you sold a gift card and used an old gift card to pay (transfering the balance from the old card to the new card) the balance was not subtracted from the old card. Reported by pdoucet. Fixed in version 6.40k.

The "History" reports would give you the data from the wrong months. Fixed in version 6.40k.

If you asked for a "History" report on one item it would give you the inventory on the item instead. Fixed in version 6.40k.

Some users would encounter an "OUT OF STRING SPACE" error after ringing more than 150 sales in a day. Reported by Jovan. Fixed in version 6.40J

Some users would encounter an "OUT OF STRING SPACE" error if the stock table was set over 8000 lines and they used the "Sales history" feature. Reported by Jovan. Fixed in version 6.40J

The UNIT TAX would not appear if you recalled a sale using the "5. Void" feature making a reprinted receipt or void inaccurate (assuming that it was supposed to have a UNIT TAX amount). Reported be Jovan. Fixed in version 6.40i

If you tried to sell more than one gift card in the same transaction the program would die. Fixed in version 6.40i

When using a USB port printer if you choose to "Pause between receipts" or "Choose to print a receipt" the program would have problems printing multiple receipts / gift cards. Fixed in version 6.40i

In versions 6.40f and 6.40g if you sold gift cards huge values would appear in the "Unit tax." Reported by Joesapi. Fixed in version 6.40h

In the "Timer" feature the program was not giving credit for the "First ## minutes free." Reported by PWEB. Fixed in version 6.40g.

If you could select to print "Start time receipts" or "Stop time receipts" they would not print to a USB printer when using APRINT3.EXE even if you selected to print. fixed in version 6.40g

There was a problem with printing gift cards on printers that connct to the computer by the parallel printer port. Fixed in version 640e.

If an item in a sale was "NO COUNT" in the inventory column of the stock table and you void out an incomplete sale, the other items in the sale were not returned to inventory. Reported by Kevin. Fixed in version 6.40e.

In recent versions after ringing up 50 or more sales in a single session the program could encounter an "Out of stack space" error and crash. Reported by Robert Nel. Fixed in version 6.40d

If you have multiple currencies and track employee tips the program did not display the correct change on the screen. Reported by Rollerball. Fixed in version 6.40b.

In version 6.40 the program would die when the 26th line of a sale would be rung up. Reported by Terry Gillman. Fixed in version 6.40a.

In version 6.40 when creating a new register file or upgrading to version 6.40, HUGE values could appear in the amounts for gift card and user defined sales totals. This would also cause the program to crash later when making a report "A. Sales Report" Fixed in version 6.40a

These bugs have been squished.

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