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Receipt printer control codes to open attached cash drawer.
Adding cash drawer function to your software.

Most cash drawers are attached to a recipt printer through cable. To open the cash drawer the POS software must send "control codes" to your printer which will then send an impulse to the cash drawer to pop it open.

The problem is that the POS software has to know the proper control code to send to the receipt printer that you are using. It seems like every receipt printer uses a different code.

You can find the "open cash drawer" code by looking in the printer's manual, calling the printer's manufacturer, or it may be listed below on this page or the next page.

We also need the control codes to activate the cutter bar that some receipt printers use to cut off the printed receipt. If you have that code there is a place to fill that in too. If you know the control codes for a printer that is not listed at the bottom of this page, could you fill in the form below so that it can be added?

The form below is to tell me the codes that YOU know to add to the database.
Printer manufacturer Sample "EPSON"
Printer model Sample "T88iii
Open cash drawer control codes Sample "27,112,0,25,999
Activate cutter bar control codes Sample "27,112,0,25,999

Open drawer when printing

Some printers will not use codes to open the cash drawer. They will open the drawer whenever they print anything. However you have to tell them to do so. The following is from Jeff.

For this type of printer you have to go into the properties and set the printer to allow codes to be sent to the cash drawer, I am sure the procedure is different for other versions of windows but the must be similar. Here is how it worked.

Right click printer Icon.
Printing Preferences
Document settings
Cash drawer
Now you will see Cash drawer #1 (2 pins) and Cash Drawer #2 (5 pins)
Each one has these options
Do not open (do not send command)
Open before printing
Open After printing

I put open after printing on both and it works good now.


Code does not work or model not listed!
Most manufacturers use the same code (or a small selection of codes) for all of their printers. So if the printer manufacturer is listed but your specific model priner is not, it is likely that the code for one of the other printers made by your printer's manufacturer will work. Also, if the model is listed but the code listed for that printer does not work try the codes listed for the other model printers from that manufacturer.

Known receipt printer control codes to pop open attached cash drawers.
Open drawer #1 Open drawer #2 Autocutter
Full cut
Partial cut
Citizen CBM-210
Citizen CBM-220
CBM 7 . . .
Citizen CBM-230 ESC-POS 27,112,0,50,250 27,112,1,50,250 . .
Citizen CBM-231 ESC-POS 27,112,0,50,250 27,112,1,50,250 27,105 27,109
Citizen CBM-232 ESC-POS 27,112,0,50,250 27,112,1,50,250 . .
Citizen CBM-233 ESC-POS 27,112,0,50,250 27,112,1,50,250 27,105 27,109
Citizen CBM-253 ESC-POS 27,112,0,50,250 27,112,1,50,250 27,105 .
Citizen CBM-262 ESC-POS 27,112,0,50,250 27,112,1,50,250 27,105 27,109
Citizen CBM-291
Citizen CBM-293
ESC-POS . . 27,105 27,109
Citizen CD-S501S . 27,112,48,55,221 . . .
Citizen CT-S300 . 27,112,0,50,250 . 27,109 .
Citizen CT-S310
Citizen CT-S310ii
. 27,112,0,50,250 . 27,109 .
Citizen CT-S651 . 27,112,0,50,250 . . .
Citizen CT-S2000 . 27,112,0,50,250 . 27,105 .
Citizen CBM-1000 ESC-POS 27,112,0,50,250 . . .
Citizen iDP-460 CBM 7 . . 27,109
Citizen iDP-3210 ESC-POS 27,112,0,50,250 27,112,1,50,250 27,105 27,109
Citizen iDP-3240 ESC-POS 27,112,0,50,250 27,112,1,50,250 . 27,109
Citizen iDP-3310
Citizen iDP-3410
Citizen iDP-3420
Citizen iDP-3421
Citizen iDP-3423
Citizen iDP-3530
Citizen iDP-3535
Citizen iDP-3540
Citizen iDP-3541
Citizen iDP-3545
Citizen iDP-3546
Citizen iDP-3550
Citizen iDP-3551


. . .
Citizen CBM-1000
Citizen CBM-1000 II
ESC-POS 27,112,0,50,250 27,112,1,50,250 . 27,109
Citizen PPU-231 ESC-POS . . 27,105 27,109


As you can see, we need more. What are yours?

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