Do you wish to place a link from my website to yours?

Updated 1-18-17

There are some conditions...

You must have a store.

These links are to advertise your store. Your link should give the name and type of store and maybe where it is located. Example: Magnum Electronics Sales, Sidney, Australia.

The link must be to your store's web site.

If you have a web site that is about alien abductions or curing headaches by hitting yourself in the head with a mallet then your store must be selling alien abductions or mallets to get a link on my site.

Your store must be nice!

If your store promotes hatred, violence, discrimination, abuse, sexual conduct, illegal acts, gambling, ringtones (what's the deal with that?), etc. then you may have every right to post your site up on the internet. I have every right not to provide a link to it. NOTE: The decision of the judges (all of whom seem to be me) on if your site is "nice" is final. The judges will mainly judge your site on a whim and their decision need not reflect your reality on if you think your site is nice.

My link to your site may get you listed on search engines.

My site is listed on most search engines like Yahoo, Google, etc. and is "crawled" frequently. If the webcrawler picks up your page link from my site it may get listed.

Your web site must be finished.

When someone goes to your website there must be some content there besides an "Under construction" banner and a link to my website. The idea is to get your website listed on search engines which is hard to do if it is empty.

Your store must be using my POS software.

I'll take your word on it.

You must put a link to my page on your website.

This is a reciprocal offer to trade links. Your link to my page must be on the page that is being linked from my website. Or if you have a "links page" on your site it must be linked directly from the page you want linked from my site.

Here is the HTML code for a link to my page.

<P><A HREF = "">
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Once you have put a link to my website on your website you must fill in the following.

Your name. Optional
Store name.
Store type.
Store location. Optional
Your site's address (http:// etc.).
Your email.

After I receive your post and find my link on your site I may post your link on mine. If I find the link I will email you to tell you if your link has been posted on my site.

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