Updated 1-21-17
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POS questionnaire

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Here is a little questionnaire about the POS program. Your answers will help me improve the program in future versions. All questions are optional, answer only the ones you wish to. If you fill in your e-mail address it will ONLY be used for me to respond to your questionnaire. Thanks, Dale

1. Your e-mail address. If you do not fill in your e-mail address I cannot respond to this questionnaire.

2. How did you find this website? If you used a search engine, which one and what key words did you search for.

3. On my website there is a bulletin board where anyone may post comments about my programs. May I post your responses to this questionnaire on the BBS? I will not post your last name or your email address.

  1. Yes
  2. No

4. I am posting a list of what types of stores find this POS software to be suitable for their needs. What kind of store are you planning to use this in? Examples: hardware store, grocery store, electronics store, garage sale, etc.

5. Just for fun, where is your store? Just Country & City will do

If you have already downloaded this program and are using
it please consider answering the following questions.

6. If you read the instructions did you find them easy to understand? What changes would you make in the instructions?

7. If you used the POSCONFG.EXE program to set up an enhanced register, did that program have enough instructions on the screen? What did you find to be confusing?

8. What do you like about the program? How does it compare to other POS programs that you may have used?

9. What do you not like about the program? What would you change?

10. What new features would you like added to this program?

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