Updated 5-24-20
User needs program to print a file from Unix.
I was contacted by a user that is running this program under UNIX and DOSBox. The problem is that you cannot print from DOSBox so the ability of making printed receipts is questionable. This is not a problem under Windows because the APRINT6 program that comes with my software is up to the chore. However APRINT6 will not run under his version of UNIX.

Since my knowledge of UNIX is pretty much limited to being able to spell it I am at a loss. So I am asking for help.

What he needs is a UNIX version of APRINT6. Let me describe how it needs to work...

When the POS program is set to FILE: it sends the print stream to a file named WLSDFKJN.DRY.

The APRINT6 program runs in the background waiting for the file to show up.

When APRINT6 detects the file it sends it to the printer driver for the default (or selected) printer.

APRINT6 then deletes the WLSDFKJN.DRY file and returns to running in the background.

To setup the APRINT6 program it needs to be able to know or choose the default printer, select or default to a fixed width font like Courier, and select a font size or default to 10.

The user is running OpenBSD Unix.

If you are able to help you can contact either me or the user for more information using the email links below....

Dale Harris


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