Updated 6-15-19

The current version of DHPOS is 7.1j released on 12-15-11.

New as of 6-15-19
In version 71j there were two problems with the "Timers" feature...

1. It did not print the unit price on the "Start time" receipt.
2. In some cases if you rounded up to the next time unit it would add an additional unit.

The "whole program" download files have been updated and uploaded to the website on 6-16-19, so all future users are covered. If you downloaded this program prior to 6-15-19 you can just download this file timer.exe to your computer to the folder that you are using to hold my POS program. If you are using this program over a network you will have to download timer.exe to every DHPOS program folder on your network.

Or if you are not currently, and never will be, using the timer feature then don't do anything.

To make sure that you have the new version, when you go to the screen that shows multiple timers it will have "7.1J-2" printed in the top, left corner of the screen.

In version 71j there was a problem with the stock table not exporting all the data you selected to a file. Also while exporting if you chose too many fields to print, the program would die. These problem were fixed on 7-11-17 and if you downloaded the POS program after that you are fine. To repair an older version download this stocks.exe. Place the file in the same folder as your other POS program files (and in every folder running the POS program if you are networking.)

In either case to insure that you are running the fixed version go to the "Stock table" feature of the POSCONFG.EXE program and display the stock table. If the label at the top, left of the screen is "STOCK NUMBER," with the comma that is the fixed vesion.

The DOS version of this program has reached the memory limit of DOS with version 7.1J and there will be no further updates. Although version 7.1J will remain on my website for downloads.

This is actually good news. Since it will never change, this allowed me to create a "Language editor" for the program. This was not possible before because with each new version of the program it would have to be re-edited. Now with no new versions, when you change the language on the current version you will be good forever. All the details about this are at this Language Page.

Good news #2 is that I now have to write a Windows version of my POS software. Well sort of, it will look and run the same way as the DOS version and it will be file compatible, meaning that if you upgrade to the Windows version you will not have to enter your store data again. The Windows version will have no practical memory limit which means that the 26,000 different item limit in the stock table will be raised to at least 100,000. You will no longer need to run the APRINT6.EXE program to print to USB printers.

This is however a ways off. I have converted a few of the smaller DHPOS program files to the new programming language (QB64) to get familiar with it, but the larger and more complex program files are going to be a lot of work. So I hope by the end of this year I will be sending another of these emails to you with the good news.

Some additional details… The Windows version will work without DOSBox on both 64 and 32 versions of Windows. It will require Windows XP or later. The overhead on the individual program files is HUGE. This means that program files that were under 500,000 bytes will be over 3 megabytes. However since there will no longer be a memory limit on the size of a program file I am going to be combining many of them so there will be fewer files. This is another thing that will make it take longer to create.