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. . Business type Retail
Contact name Alwyn Email address abrown582@crawler.com
.. Using program since 09-24-2008
A memeber of the staff broke the supervisor key in the cash register lock!

I was going to replace the register but then i found this software. I had spare computers in the back store room and pulled them out and they went like a dream. Its great to understand and within 45 minutes it was going like a dream!

Great stuff (must try the surepos keyborad with it!)

Thanks Dale its the best software around please do make more!


Company nameCarreira Farms Business type Agriculture/Fresh Produce
Contact name Desmond Email address info@CarreiraFarms.com
Phone number(801) 815-6720 Using program since 05-15-2009
When I took over running the retail and sales for Carreira Farms earlier this year, I knew I had to find some form of Point of Sale software which was flexible enough to keep track of sales for a multitude of vendors, but be easy enough for anyone to use.

I have used various POS software before, in a number of different environments. I only wish they had all been this one!! The software is intuitive, easy to set up and easier to use than any other I have worked on. It is remarkably complex in what it CAN do - but you don't have to use everything!

My daughters, aged 8 and 10, picked up how to use the software within an hour, as did my store clerk who is in her late 60's... Its accessible and easy to use for any age!

Awesome job, Dale!

Company name Hydrant Rouge Business type Pet Boutique
Contact name Craig Aronoff Email address info@hydranterouge.com
. . Using program since 08-2007
I just want to say that when I first installed your POS a year ago I was skeptical being a DOS application and QBasic derived and all. However, one year later and not a single crash! Its very very robust application and it does the job! Its an amazing achievement and would be a good project for recycling old P1 pc's.

Again, thanks for the application, I tell everyone about it.

Company name Quizno’s Business type Sub Shop
Contact name Phillip Messick Email address phillip@kbpmessick.com
. . Using program since 08-03-2008

I’m the assistant manager at a Quizno’s Subs. Last month I downloaded your software to experiment with. I was planning to use it for delivery order taking, but I was never really convinced about using it.

Well, today our POS terminal broke down (we are required to use a terminal provided by Quizno’s Corporate), and it’s not going to be possible to fix it until tomorrow. This could have been disastrous. We would have had to close the store for the day.

However, I remembered your software and I still had it loaded to my delivery computer. After a half-hour of configuration, we were ready to open.

It really saved the day. The software worked perfectly, and the employees loved it (it was easier for them to learn to use it, than the Quizno’s POS).

Though I’m required to go back to using the Quizno’s POS, I plan on keeping your software running for my delivery system.

However, I am going to recommend your program to our “Franchise Leader” (he makes sure all the stores are running in good order) for people in similar situations.

Like I said before, your program is great, I’m really glad it was there today. (It would have cost us over $800 to close the store for the day…)

I just wanted to thank you.

-Phillip Messick.

Company name Country Scents & Stuff Business type Candles, Bath and Body Products
Contact name Karen Email address www.countryscentsandstuff.com
. . Using program since 04-03-2008
I may have just started using THIS POS software but I have tried out a ton of them and this one has more usable options without all the extra garbage than any of them...and the price is the best part of it all!

Thank you so much Dale for all the work you put into providing all of us with such a great product!!

Company nameLiquidations Nation Business typeLiquidations
Contact name Shawn Abrams Email address shawncontrol@yahoo.com
. . . .
I have been looking for a Cash Register Software for 3 years. But all the ones that I have found was alot of $$$$. I went to www.ask.com (a search engine) and i searched for Cash register Software and it gave me this site, and I think that this is the best cash register software that anyone can ever find. Thanx Dale,thanx alot!!!

Company nameWorkShop 17 Restaurant Business typeRestaurant/Bar/Coffee Shop
Contact name Lloyd De Jongh Email address lloyd@urbanshield.za.net
. . Using program since 11-15-2006
I was asked by a friend to assist with setting up a PoS system on some legacy hardware they had for a new business in Cape Town's high-profile Waterfront area.

I tried a couple of other packages, but instantly adopted this one after reading the first few paragraphs in the manual and immediately getting it to work. It is easy, straight-forward, and fast.

It is in use in the restaurant and we are setting up a second system in the bar. It's great software.

Lloyd De Jongh
Cape Town, South Africa

Company name Harvest Outfitters Business type Emergency preparedness items
- kerosene appliances
Contact name Jim Scott Email address jim.scott@yahoo.com
Phone number(801) 815-6720 Using program since 04/01/2006
We have a small import business that sells online mostly. But we also occasionaly exhibit at trade shows. Being a programmer myself, I first looked at open source (free) POS systems as well as most of the commercial applicaitons. I was a little skeptical at first of a DOS application, but after trying most other POS applications, including their demos, I tried this one.

What a wonderful experience. It runs on a laptop just fine, and integrated with a receipt printer and scanner. The added benefit is that it IS a DOS application and doesn't need a mouse.

When you are busy selling, boxing, answering questions, etc. the last thing you need is to try to use a mouse.

Thank you Dale for a wonderful piece of software.

Company name Rocket City Fur Meet Business type Convention / Flea Market Event
Contact name Jim Poteete Email address shirokuma@aristotle.net
Phone number(901) 832-5650 Using program since 12/01/2004
This has got to be the most useful program that I have ever used. I work for a large convention every Memorial Day Weekend and we have a Flea Market-type setup. We usually run around 8000-9000 transactions per day through the course of the 4 day event. The program has worked flawlessly every single time. It is easy to use and maintain. I also found that with the "Network" function, I can use it across my personal VPN to connect conventions around the country that I do work for. Not having to lug the server everywhere is great. I simply connect over the internet and I'm ready to roll.

Thanks again Dale!!!

Company name Key Avenue Business type Key Shop
Contact name Tim Email address thejetman06@gmail.com
.. Using program since 01-16-2005
I think this POS program is great! It has saved us almost 957.00. We use this instead of buying software, it does a great job of tracking everything from our key sales to our general merchandise sales. With gift cards coming soon this makes all other pricey POS software look like a total JOKE!

Great Job Dale!

Company name Florist Bouquet d'Amour Business type Retail Florist
Contact name Mario Domingue Email address info@bouquetdamour.com
Phone Number 705-475-1515 Using program since 10-01-2003
I just love this POS software. It is extremely easy to use, thus making it easy to train new employees.

I have tested other POS software, but I keep coming back to Dale's. It has everything any small to medium business needs.

Thanks Dale

Company name daniel-charles Business type e business & consultant
Contact name Rudi Email address rtdaniel@hotmail.com
. . Using program since10-01-2005
What an excellent piece of software!! Any small and medium size business will save money and have a very useful POS system. I now use it at our local squash centre and I have suggested its use to our business members too.

Company name This Ol' Shoe Business type Shoe and Saddle Repair
Contact name Ron Kuntz Email address thisolshoe1@msn.com
Phone number 701-252-2227 Using program sinceNov. 2003
Being in the shoe repair business I did not want, nor was I able to throw a lot of money at a pos program. I tried a few inexpensive programs, but found you needed to be a CPA to figure them out. This program was simple to understand and had all the features I need, and can you beleive it was Free!

Company name Smoker's Corner Business type Tobacco/convenience store
Contact name Jon Email address jherrell@inebraska.com
Phone number 402-476-1873 Using program sinceMarch - 2005
I set up a POS system for a friend who opened a tobacco store last month. Having used other commercial software in the past, I decided to try free software to keep costs down on this one--there is far too much high-quality free software in the world to dismiss free software out of hand. This has been the easiest and most flexible software I've set up for anyone to date. I highly recommend it. With the plethora of used equipment available, Smoker's Corner got a complete system for under $600-including receipt printer and scanner. After a month, Jon (the owner) is thrilled and will be sending a donation to help keep this project going.
Company name MiLESTONE Information Technology Business type Information Technology Sales and Services
Contact name Christopher Carl Miller Email address milestone.it@gmail.com
Phone number 44(0)1543319092 Using program since2004
MiLESTONE IT would like to say that this software has met almost every need we have in our EPOS situation. I would reccomend this software to anyone who wishes to reduce costs on paying for an EPOS system.

This is a very close match to some of the Paid EPOS systems, and would suggest that this is a piece of software tested in the same way as you would any other application for your establishment.

.. Business type Retail POS Solutions
Contact name Eddy Berkelaar Email address eddyb@worldonline.nl
. . Using program since12-2004
It's good to see what one person can program in DOS. The POS software does everything that's necessary for small shops and works very well. Missing some international things, but useful.
Company Name Spice World Business type Indo-Pak grocery store
Contact name Maqbool Patel Email address maqboolp@hotmail.com
Phone number 205-402-0544 Using program since01-2005
I tried couple of POS systems for our grocery store that I was not satisfied with. Then I came across Dale's POS system. First the "free" stuff made me skeptical. Then I said, "I have all the hardware, why not just download it and try, it is free anyways." Then I tried it, in a hearbeat I made the switch to this software. It is very easy to set up. Very user friendly. Our sales associates know nothing about computers. They were scared when I brought POS into the store. In a day they got trained and comfortable using the system, It does everything you can ask for in a POS system. Great POS system gets an A+ grade.

. Business typeRetail Business
Contact nameJosh Sharrow Email address J_Sharrow@hotmail.com
.. Using program since2002
I first put Dale's program in my store after running another computerized program. Dale's program is so much easier to use than any other program. I "actually" enjoy working on the program. Entering inventory is easy and can be done by anybody that knows how to turn on a computer. Whenever I have a problem, Dale can handle it or somebody on the message board takes care of it. I encourage all of the business owners I talk to, to put this register in their store. In the first year running this program it saved our store almost $1,000. This program would retail for several hundred dollars, by the time it will save, the money it will save, and the hassles would prevent it would be priceless to any business.

Thank you for creating such a great program! Please feel free to contact me with any questions via e-mail!

Company NameCool Cat Sales Business typeNovelties and Collectables
Contact nameMike & Julie Prince Email address julieprince@wolfmark.com
.. Using program since01-01-2001
We started using ver. 3.46 and thought that that was the best POS we had used. We tried them all I think and found them to very costly and hard to setup. Once we installed Cash Register By Dale Harris we found it very easy to understand and easy to use. We just installed the new ver. 4.28 and can't believe the great improvements that Dale has made to this POS. If you are a large or small business and need a great POS, then do not hesitate to use this program. Thank you, Dale Harris for all your hard work. You have done us all proud. - - Julie

We started using this POS just to get our business started without a lot of cash out of pocket but fell in love with it almost instantly. We started using ver. 3.46 and found it to be very easy to set up and use. We have just upgraded to the new 4.28 and find that it is even better. If you are looking for a great POS you have just found it. Do not think that if it is free that it can't be good. It is the best POS out there. - - Mike

Company NameTopsider Social Club Inc. Business typeBar & Grill
Contact nameTony Haupt Email address tony@topsider-club.com
.. Using program since07-01-03
This is a fantastic POS program. The software is very user friendly and easy to set up and maintain.

Thanks a million Dale!!

Company NameOpTicks Business typeRetail store
Contact nameDave Garbe Email address dgarbe@comcast.net
.. Using program since09-01-03
We run about 2000 transactions a month through our retail stores and Dale's program has helped us manage that level of business very well. The program is stable and very nearly idiot proof. More than I can say for other 'inexpensive' but ultimately costly systems we have tested.

Company NameJones Computer Solutions Business typeComputer Service Center
Contact nameKenneth R. Jones Email address spikeashlye@yahoo.com
.. Using program since11-11-2003
It took me a little while at first to understand this program, but after upgrading to the newest version and spending about two hours with a sample company file, I learned about 95% of the program, and I LOVE IT! I was sitting there more than half the time with my mouth hanging open. I think the best thing about this program, is that it's a DOS program. I'm a Windows programmer, but I still LOVE those Disk Operating System programs. The keyboard navigation is outstanding!

I don't think I've seen a better POS program.

.. Business typeNewsagents
Contact nameMatthew Email address matthew@jenkopip.freeserve.co.uk
.. Using program since07-05-2003
I belive this is the most easy to use POS program I have ever tried. I have tried nearly every single version of POS for my newsagents and I belive this is the best.


Company NameMid-Valley Oil (Sunoco Gas Station) Business typeFull Service Gas Station
Contact nameJames Pike Email address jimpike@pppdot4t.com
.. Using program since03-29-2003
After trying out MANY over-priced POS systems with many too many extra features, I came across this one and figured I'd try it. Being FREE made me skeptical. Let me tell you... it is the best one I've used. Very easy to use and set up. It keeps a running track of inventory as it is sold (which is exactly what I was needing).

The employees have no problems even if they know nothing about computers!

Many thanks go out to Dale.

Company NameHair's Red Salon Business typeHair Salon
Contact nameScott Needham Email address scottn@teamintech.com
.. Using program since5-01-2002
Hair's Red Salon has been using the POS program to track individual stylist sales, product inventory and overall salon performance. The system is incredibly easy to use and totaly flexible.

The stylists at Hair's Red each came from a corporate-based salon chain that spent literally thousands of dollars on their POS system. Dale Harris' POS program has met the needs of this new salon beyond comparison.

Some corporations avoid FREE Software because they lack confidence in the developer. Dale Harris has not only written an excellent program, but makes himself available to the very grateful users of his program to address issues that arise.

I would recommend the POS program to anyone who needs a reliable software package to help manage their business.

Company NameAbstract Computing Business typeTech Support
Contact nameChris Porch
.. Using program since08/21/2001
This POS program is excellent for tracking customer transactions. I have tried several other POS programs that included features that I absolutely had no need for. This program is well worth the code it is made from, and the download time.

A+ Work

Company NameBlazing Sun Silver & Crafts Business typeSterling Silver & Native Crafts Vendor
Contact nameGerry Email address Blazingsun1@hotmail.com
.. Using program since12-10-02
I have downloaded many POS programs to find the right one at the right price, and Dale's is the right one for the right price, Others where either too in-depth and pricey or just way to pricey, or just to confusing to use. Great Job Dale. keep up the good work.

Company NameMc Guire's Computer Services Business typeComputer retail sales and repairs
Contact nameTony Mc Guire Email address tony@mcgcs.com
.. Using program since03-01-02
This is the best POS software out there. I sell computers with POS software on them, when I found Dale's POS software it increased my business. I personally hate those POS programs that are over priced or you need special keyboards to use.


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