Updated 2-27-24
The previous copy of the Spanish POS.EXE program file had a serious error on the Customer Info feature of the program.
This new download has fixed that problem.

I would like to thank Julian for reporting this problem.
A Spanish version of

"Cash Register"

Well at least the program file that rings up sales.

The previous page describes how files that make up this program can be changed into another language.

Spanish sale screen

Spanish sale screen.

Click here to download SPANISH.EXE

Click to download

489 Kilobyte file

Before downloading rename your current POS.EXE file to something else so that you can restore it later by renaming it back to POS.EXE
Now download the spanish.exe file to the folder that you run the Cash Register program from.
Now rename the SPANISH.EXE file to POS.EXE.

Now when you run the Cash Register program the part of the program used to ring up sales will be in Spanish.

One more step!
Since there is already a way to translate your receipts into another language that feature is not activated by downloading the SPANISH.EXE file. To translate your receipts you must go to the Receipt Language feature of the POSCONFG.EXE program to change the labels on your receipts into Spanish.

And of course if you would like to begin work on a Spanish version of any of the other DHPOS program files that would be greatly appreciated. How to do this is explained on the previous page.

If you wish to work on the spanish version ot the POS.EXE program but do not wish to start from scratch you can do this...

Of course the first step is to download the current spanish version as described above.

Then from the previous page download the POSEDIT.EXE program and the POS_EDIT.DAT file.

Now run the POSEDIT program and "1. Choose program file." POS.EXE

Now select option "4. Copy program to translation"

Then press [F1] and all the current translations in the Spanish version of the POS.EXE file will be copied to the POS_EDIT.DAT file.

Hex Edit program.

Hex Edit program.

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