Updated 12-18-21
Cash Register videos.
Various folks have created YouTube videos of my cash register program. I have no idea who these people are, but thanks anyway.

Some of them are tutorial and some just show the program runnning. Anyway below are the links to the videos I have found on YouTube.

If you wish to create some YouTube videos of my Cash Register program (or find some already there that I have missed) just let me know and I will post a link to them on this page.

Demonstrating DHPOS with Android secondary display and Barcode-scanner. - 4:21

DHPOS Running under DOS7.10 and Mini Windows 3.11 - from a ghost image. - 8:06


How to setup an employee list for your staff. - 3:57

How to setup the pole display in DHPOS. - 3:18

Trisquel 8-como correr POS por Dale Harris (keyhut.com) con DosBox. - 3:06

DHPOS print demo. - 0:12

DHPOS Scanning item into a sale - 0:24.

Como Entrar a la Caja Registradora POS Dale Harris - 3:33.

FreeDOS Project: Then and Now [Kielux 2017] - 41:58.
POS program is mentioned from 31:00 to 33:00
NEW DOS Business Software [PT1]: Prowrite & Point Of Sale Program - 14:32.
POS program is mentioned from 4:00 to 14:32

Please note that the version displayed in the video is 3.46 and that the current version of DHPOS is 7.1J
So WAY less features and the screens are only similar. But it does give you a look at the concept.

Also when in the setup he has a tendency of entering IJDM for a password and then when running the
program enters PASSWORD as the password. This is slightly less than optimal.
But charming.

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