Splitting stock

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Splitting stock

Post by daleadmin » Sun Apr 08, 2012 1:21 pm

I received an email again today about splitting stock. So I thought I would post my answer here so I will not have to reply in the future.

This is the problem. Lets say that you receive beer in your store in cases of 24 however you can sell the beer by the case, or a 6 pack, or individual cans. How do you enter the beer in your stock table and keep proper track of the inventory?

There are several methods.

If you sell the beer at the same price per can no matter how many are purchased (1.00 a can, 6.00 per 6 pack, or 24.00 per case) then you enter the beer when you receive it into the stock table as the number of cans received, not the number of cases. If you receive 6 cases of beer you enter it into your stock table as 144 pieces. Now when you sell the beer if you sell a case you ring it up as 24 pieces, if you sell a 6 pack you ring it up as 6 pieces, and of course one can would be one piece. This makes it very simple to split a case. If you break up a case into 6 packs to put in the cooler you do not have to do anything to the inventory in the stock table.

However let's say the price per can is not the same depending on how many you sell. (1.50 per can, 7.50 per 6 pack, and 24.00 per case.) Now things become way more complicated. First of all you would need 3 different stock numbers in the stock table. For example 123 for a case of beer, 1234 for a 6 pack of beer, and 12345 for a can of beer. When you receive a case of beer you will have to enter it into your stock table depending on how you put it into your stock. If you receive 6 cases of beer you might have to enter it into the stock table as 4 cases, 6 6-packs, and 12 cans. Now when you sell beer you will have to use the stock number for the number of cans sold. 123 if you sell a case, 1234 if you sell a 6 pack, or 12345 if you sell a can.

The next problem is what happens when you sell out of 6 packs or single cans but you still have cases of the stuff? Now you must not only split up the physical cases of beer but you must also change the inventories in the stock table. For example if you have 4 cases but only 5 single cans of beer you can split up a case into single cans. Now you must change the "case" inventory to 3 and the "can" inventory to 29. There are 2 ways to do this...

You can go to the stock table and manually change the inventories. It would be real helpful if the different stock numbers for the same beer were next to each other on sequential lines of the stock table. From the POS.EXE main menu select "3. File maintenance" then "2. Stock table." Now just do the math and change the inventory one at a time. This is not too bad if you have only one thing to split up.

The second method is to use the RECEIVE.EXE program which is described here http://keyhut.com/postip9.htm#receive

From the POS.EXE main menu select "3. File maintenance" then "1. Run POSCONFG." From that program's menu choose "Receiving" and run that program. You want to erase any previous receiving file by using "6. Erase file" (assuming that it has already been read into the stock table.) Now select "Enter new pieces into a file." You will not have to "Enter new page data" so just press [TAB].

Now the trick is to enter a negative value for the case you want to break up and a positive value for the the new method of stocking. So to use the previous example you would type in 123 (the stock number for a case) and -1 (for the quantity) then 12345 (the stock number for a can) and 24 (for the quantity.) NOTE; to type in a negative quantity you have to press [DELETE] then [-] then the quantity.

The neat things about using this method is that you can do a whole bunch of them at the same time, you do not have to scroll through the stock table to find each item, the items do not have to be in sequential lines, and the program will do the math (i.e., 4 cases - 1 case = 3 cases: 5 cans + 24 cans = 29 cans.) HOWEVER IT WILL NOT DO THE MATH UNTIL YOU LOAD THE RECEIVING FILE INTO THE STOCK TABLE!!!

So now you must press [F3] to save the page to the file. Press [ESC] to get back to the menu, press [8] to exit the program then return to the main POS program. Now select "3. File maintenance" then "8. Read receiving file" then read the file. Now your stock table inventory has been updated.

OK, this all seems complicated but once you have done it a couple of times it will only take a few seconds to do.


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Re: Splitting stock

Post by arlgroup » Thu Feb 06, 2014 1:49 pm

Dale, may you please elaborate clearly on splitting stock issue,I once asked about it last year and i didnt have an answer.
Have a nice day.

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