QNprint - Receipt printing via OPOS

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QNprint - Receipt printing via OPOS

Post by CBL » Tue Mar 19, 2013 10:56 pm

I came across a printer yesterday that just would not play nice with anything apart from OPOS.

I remember someone previously had written something for this, but I couldn't find it anywhere, so I quickly wrote something to get the job done.

The result is QNprint. (Because it was a Quick and Nasty program. Well, it's not that nasty really.)

Drop it into your DHPOS folder, set it to print to file, and the control codes for the drawer to 27, 68 and the cutter to 27, 67.

If you want it to print your logo, drop a file called logo.bmp into the DHPOS folder as well.

There is no nice configuration interface, but the INI file is quite simple.

Printer is the name you have assigned to the OPOS printer.

Font is used if you want to select a typeface. This will be usually by left at 0.

LineChars is used when a printer supports multiple options for characters per line. This will also usually be left at 0. However, for some printers (such as the IBM 4610 series) that defaults to a number of characters per line less than 42, you will need to set this value to avoid line wrapping. (44 is the value to use for the IBM 4610).

LogoAtEnd is for printers that are slow to print graphics. Setting this to Y will print the logo after the cutter has been triggered, so it is there in advance for the next receipt.

Drawer is the name you have assigned to the OPOS cash drawer.

That's it.

Hopefully you find it useful.

(Please note that this program was literally written in a couple of minutes to get a job done, so there will most probably be a few bugs in it. Use it at your own risk.)
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