barcode scanner

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barcode scanner

Post by rubiadia » Thu Feb 16, 2012 1:42 am

How will I make my Barcode scanner work with my laptop? I have PS/2 compatible Barcode Scanner (BIRCH CD-108eB) which gracefully works with a desktop computer. Now, when i am testing it with my laptop using a usb to ps2 adoptor, nothing happens. It seems it cannot read input since my laptop has built in keyboard and has no PS/2 port. What am I missing here?
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Re: barcode scanner

Post by brucef2112 » Sat Feb 18, 2012 3:23 pm

I had a dell laptop without PS2. From my experience I found that this laptop did not "play nice" with all USB > PS2 adaptors.
All USB > PS2 adaptors are not the same. You may have to try a different brand. I have seen one work on a laptop that didn't with another. Same laptop, same USB port, just different brand adaptor.
You may have to try each USB port on your laptop. But Just don't try "plug n play" on each. First shut down the computer , Plug the USB adaptor and scanner in, then turn the computer on and pray....I mean Play.... no,..pray, until you've exhaused all USB ports on the laptop.
You may have to try using an external KB with a passthough (wedge) cable and connected the BC scanner to it.

IN my case i did find one that worked for me. but here is something else to watch for. I had to turn off the sleep feature of the laptop/Windows because every time I "woke' the comuter up to scan an item the very first scan would always drop the first character of the barcode! After that you could scan on and on without issue. It wall always and only the first scan comming after a ssytem Wake that caused the problem. Shuting off the Sleep mode did fix the problem. Not a problem if your able to plug it in so power saving is a non issue.

good luck!,

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