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Many companies who wish to use this POS software cannot because it is free. Their upper management apparently believes that if it is free then either it is not any good or there is a catch. So I am asking for reviews. If you have been using this software for a period of time could you please fill in the form below. I am not asking you to make a recomendation for the program (but I won't stop you if you wish to) but only to state that for you it has worked well. At least I hope that it has.

While I welcome any review, the most useful to prospective users will be from companies that are using this on a daily basis in a commercial environment. But help from anyone will be appreciated.

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All reviews below are how well the person making the reviews believes this POS program is suitable for their particular application and is not to be considered as a recomendation for any other application.
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Contact name:MatthiasBusiness type: Book Seller and Concert Organizer
Location:Belgium Using program since:2023
What a pleasant surprise this turned out to be! I was on the hunt for a fully functional cash register to facilitate the sale of music books and generate concert tickets for small school events. I was quite selective and picky in finding a solution that could meet all my requirements.

I experimented with paid software that came with monthly subscriptions, but none of them satisfied me with their features. Initially, I was a bit skeptical about Dale's software since it was free, but upon installation, I was truly amazed. I've never encountered software with such an extensive range of functions before. It literally covers everything you could possibly want to do, and even more.

Dale promptly responded to all my questions on the same day, plus let me tell you, his user manual is incredibly detailed!! I've already successfully translated the sales screen into my language, and it's working flawlessly.

Do you need an amazing cash register that not only looks amazing, but also IS amazing? Do you want outstanding customer support? DON'T HESITATE

Thank you, Dale! Thank you!

10 months ago I received the following in the mail, put it aside, and then promptly forgot all about it. It also included a donation, which as always, is appreciated. Today I found it and decided to post it here as a review.

I work for a nonprofit organization. We have aided many individuals with physical and cognitive differences in securing long term employment. This is a company that provides a wide variety of services for individuals who are interested in returning to the workforce and sometimes just starting to enter the workforce.

We came across your website and downloaded your cash register program a month ago. Since then we have used your program to educate individuals who have never been given a chance to use a register. Your program has not only given these people the chance the chance to be educated on using a register but gave them self-confidence. We cannot thank you enough for your kindness and selfless act of posting the cash register program that you developed and shared with anyone who is interested. It is a person like you that helps the world be a better place to live.


The following is actually from an email I receive that I thought might be interesting...

Hi Dale,

I've enjoyed playing with cash register the past few days -- boy I wish I would have found this back when I was doing a bunch of computer consulting stuff and keeping my own books and doing my own receipts in excel by hand! I ran across it by seeing FreeDOS had gotten updated and happened to see a screenshot of of your POS running on it -- and well it perked my interest. I was running it on a raspberry pi 3 with DOSbox yesterday and was like wow -- move over Square and dumb tablet crap, I can run this on a less than $30 computer without the internet, import the data into any number of things with scripts or what not. There is such beauty in simplicity (and from a guy that knows a thing or two about closing out cash registers and the books for the day.]



Contact name:Howard "Beau" JeffreyEmail address:
Business type:Garage Sale Using program since:off-and-on since 2012
What a great piece of software! Fully featured with no frills, compatible across many platforms (thanks to DOSBox) and older hardware too. I mean ANCIENT hardware, (this thing might run on an abacus?)

In all seriousness though the software is very good. I use it for garage sales and it really makes for easy sales tracking and receipt printing. One year we shared the system with the neighbors and the way it tracks sales makes it so easy to split the money. Highly recommended.

Dale here, Tonight Michael was in the chat room to talk about DHPOS. He uses the program in a way that few other people do and I will describe it at the end of this post. But first his reviewÖ

"I am using DHPOS to keep track of my home inventory. The stock table is one of the best, most well thought out product databases I have ever seen. The app Sortly wanted $600 PER YEAR for similar functionality. I'll stick with this! Thanks Dale!"

Basically the deal is that he (and several others) use the program not to ring up sales but to keep track of what is in the house (like groceries) and then to later print out shopping list of what he is short of.

So when he brings groceries home he scans the items in to DHPOS using the "Receive" feature which adds it to his home inventory. Then when the item is consumed (lunch?) he scans those items into a "sale" which removes if from the inventory.

On shopping day he can then either print out his inventory or use the program's "Purchase" feature to print out a grocery list with only those items that he needs to replenish his pantry including the number of each item he needs. He also uses this for non-grocery items.

Note that the "Purchase" feature will print out list by category so that he can get a shopping list for only groceries, or only hardware, or only auto supplies, ie., a list for only the store he is going to on that trip. Neat-o!


Company Name:United Industrials Australia Business type:Fabricator
Contact name:JannEmail address:
Company URL: Using program since:2015
Phone number:61 7 5329 3225..
I have spent literally thousands of $$$ and countless hours trying proprietary software which is slow, expensive and unreliable. Eventually I uploaded Keyhut and now it has been the ONLY POS that is of any use among the myriad of crud and subscription BS that is offered.

Dale's work and his intelligent and thoughtful way that the software is compiled shames so-called high-performance POS systems. This software is amazing and I have no hesitation in recommending that YOU try it - you will be delighted! Please donate to Dale and send your encouraging thoughts on what is the most valuable piece of programming you will install -FREE!!

I love your program to death and I would not have grown to the point I'm at now without it. Best, Jann

Company Name:Olive on Tap Business type:Olive Oil and Balsamic Vinegar
Contact name:Don Email
Company URL: Using program since:2010
Phone number:(952) 933-5891..
I found CASH REGISTER by searching google I think in 2010. After looking at countless other "packages" yours was by far just the ticket for what we were doing. At that time, we were selling Olive Oil and Balsamic Vinegar at little farmers markets and craft sales. I used (and still do today) an ACER "netbook" running winXP, and CASH REGISTER worked (and still does)flawlessly. In 2014 we opened a "brick and mortar" specialty food store in Minnetonka, MN. We still use CASH REGISTER as our main "cash register" both in our store and at the events we still sell at.

Anyway CASH REGISTER does so much more than other packages... why mess with anything else. Thanks for the "above and beyond" excellent support you provide

I found the following review at this website
It is review #10 on that page.

Keyhut is a free complete lightweight POS program. It's a free program yet complete POS/ cash register solution. If you are running small retail shop and require small effective solution Keyhut is for you.

The creator of this amazingly simple yet powerful lightweight solution is supporting his software's users, even though the solution is free but it's supported and maintained. I have to admit I am a huge fan of old usable solutions, and Keyhut is one of them.

Keyhut is a DOS program that runs on Windows (DOS), It has simple DOS-interface, shortcuts with F keys to access the program tabs (Stock, discount, Void, Park, Reduction), who needs a mouse when you can access the main functionalities with one button click. There are some limitations as the program is only available in English, requires special settings to run in full-screen mode and on 64 systems.

Keyhut has a rich user manual and it got many positive reviews from many satisfied users around the world.

Company Name:Crashbox Business type:Computer services
Contact name:Jos Email address:
. . Using program since:JAN-2020
I recently installed dhpos at a privately owned restaurant, deli and nursery and the system is working 100% and virtually cost nothing apart from the cash drawer and receipt printer.

This program has clearly been designed with practical experience in running a small/medium business.

Everything that you need to run a business, like control, inventory, stock, reports, receipts, customer checks etc. is catered for and incorporated. Managing the stock table with Excel is of course just great.

It does however take some time to get used running the program without a mouse and the windows' bells and whistles. If you actually read the instructions it is very easy and fast. In my opinion the manual needs a bit more explanation, especially with regard to networking and printing as it is DOS program running under windows. I use DOSBOX.

It is actually a smart cash register and I just love it due to its simplicity in its approach and design. For a change I feel that I am in control of the financial activities and data. I do not have to depend or trust anyone else, nor do I have to regularly pay others for so-called support, licenses and updates.

Dale Harris did a wonderful job and I take my hat off to him. This software will never become obsolete.

Company Name:Pots and Things Business type:retail
Contact name:Raheem Email address:
Company URL: Using program since:2019-09-01
I have been using the software for three or four months now, I learn something new every week.

I was worried that I couldn't rely or backup from, but the PDF manual is a great source to the unskilled on the product. I would suggest everyone print a 3rd copy it makes life so much easier.

It's going to take me still a month or two to master everything in the programme.

But it has been great for my business, it works well, and definitely covers more that what I need to run my business efficiently.

I would recommend this pos to anyone, even if you are like me , not the most computer literate

Contact name:John E...
"We have not yet implemented Cash Register but it is planned. We are a Senior Center and the program will be used to manage the sale of discount taxi vouchers to our clients. The program and the equipment we have lend itself to using this DOS based program as the equipment is older.

On our test computer, with Windows Pro 64, we are running it from the DOS BOX without a problem and that includes printing to an older (2006) HP 1505 printer using the Aprint6.exe utility included with the install. We also have one computer that we will try it on that has Windows 10, 32 bit which will run without the DOS BOX program.

Communicating with the author has been as easy as typing an email to him for help and advice.

Being an ex-BASIC (among other languages) programmer I am very impressed with this program, it is a gem. Given that the program can manage networked installations we may consider opening at least one more location to sell these vouchers."

Here is a review that I found at EPOS Expert

Well, you have got to the fun one on the list, Keyhut is a bit out of the ordinary.

Quirky genius Dale Harris decided to build a POS system for kicks and has made it available for nothing, no strings attached.

Keyhut is almost unlimited in the number of products and users you can have, and some large stores are successfully using this system.

The interface isnít all that pretty, it sort of looks like a 90s computer screen, but the functionality is there. Itís worth a look at the Keyhut website, and especially the facebook page for a few laughs, as well as a whole lot of rave reviews.

The catch... there isnít one. They only thing that might hold you back is that this system is just created and supported by one guy, so there is some risk that it might not be sustained forever.

However users say that Dale is accommodating during setup, you might have a better customer service experience for free than you get from a paid POS from a big corporate.

Company Name:RP General Store Business type:General Store
Contact name:Raguu Patel Using program since:October 2018
So I have an antique dad who's been snapping at me to get a replacement POS. He's rather like Dale in that he doesn't like new technology much.

My old POS broke which was something from the 80s museum. All it did was print the price, date and total amount and that's how my dad liked it.

I have tried some others where you have to press the buttons on screen and the price would come up but again my relic started shouting at me as the touchscreen would act funny sometimes and refuse to accept the button press.

Then I came across Dale's DHPOS thru google and also thru reading a website which recommended Dale POS and just to visit his site for a laugh. I did visit the site and was impressed with the quality so I downloaded and tried it out for myself.

I was messing with program but when my dad saw it he said we are having that as the till. I told him I was having problems with the printing but he said he didn't care how I sorted it but that's the program he wanted. Me being the mindless person that I am started fiddling with the software so I could get the printing right for my Chinese Xprinter. I had given up when i went to Dale's site and he basically corrected everything I had done wrong thru email replies and gave me solutions to my problems quickly.

The software has been running as it should be and my old man's happy and I'm happy with the software and a simple solution to my problem. I'm still messing about with the software on another computer as I know I'll get Dale support if I need it.

Thanks to Dale for a great piece of software and the actual after support that he's providing. I am a very happy user and can't recommend this enough.

Also love the Facebook page of his that has funny and interesting stories of the DHPOS amongst other things. Keep up the good work.

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