Updated 1-27-17
Version 7.1
By Dale Harris Copyright 2001 - 2017
Table of Contents
1. Overview of the program 20. Open cash drawer 39. Stock table
2. Minimum mode 21. Passwords & Name 40. Tax rate chart
3. Enhancing the Cash Register 22. Payment options 41. Ticket sales
4. Multiple registers on 1 computer 23. Payouts 42. Time sales
5. Category list 24. Pole displays 43. Vendor list
6. Checks 25. Printer setup 44. Ringing up a sale
7. Color or B&W 26. Program printer 45. Reports
8. Currencies 27. Receipt coupons 46. Receiving Merchandise
9. Customer information 28. Receipt header & footer 47. Taking an Inventory
10. Date format 29. Receipt language 48. Restaurant setup
11. Discounts 30. Receiving 49. Purchase orders
12. Employee setup 31. Rounding 50. Price check
13. Go to after sale. 32. Sale parking 51. Time clock
14. Inventory 33. Sale recording - VOIDS 52. Start other programs from POS
15. Journal 34. Sales history - "Z" Reading 53. Receipt data file
16. Key press beep 35. Scales 54. Remote viewing
17. Kitchen 36. Scanner 55. 64 bit computers
18. Mall files / Backups 37. Screen saver 56. Frequently Asked Questions
19. Network 38. SoundScan .
Well, this is not the friendliest message in the universe, but did you
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